Tailored Audio Visual Solutions
Residential & Commercial

Tailored Audio Visual Solutions
Residential & Commercial

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Experience the full sound
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Tired of sub-standard surround sound? Wanting to experience the full potential of your media room? SEAA Solutions is your trusted AV installer on the Northern Beaches, offering close to 18+ years of experience with audio visual installations. We create the best audiovisual experience in your media room, your conference room, your hotel, or your bar. The first step to experiencing the full potential of your media surround sound is to have it installed correctly by an experienced electrical team has AV experience and has their finger on the pulse with the latest technologies and innovations. When it comes to the ultimate AV and media experience, SEAA Solution can integrate your whole system by in stalling smart voice activation with full app control.
Audio Visual Installations
Audio Visual Solutions

Tailored Solutions we provide

Corporate and Board Rooms

Corporate and Board Rooms

Hybrid in person and online meetings are here to stay. How well is your board room set up for everyone to present and to clearly hear and interact with each other?
Residential Media Rooms

Media Rooms

Imagine having the quality of a movie-theatre media room at your home. We are certain you will have many hours of enjoyment when we have finished with your state-of-the-art media room installation.

Educational Facilities

Educational Facilities

Technology moves fast and remaining ahead of the game in your educational facility can be hard. SEAA Solution has the experience to future-proof your AV Systems at your educational facility.
Night Clubs and Pubs

Night Clubs and Pubs

We are your one-stop-shop for all AV and lighting needs at your night club and pub. Maximise the space, create feature lighting, and provide the ultimate AV experience for your patrons.
Auditoriums and Showrooms

Auditoriums and Showrooms

Are you occupying a Large space? Leave it to the professionals who know how to best maximise the space and the special attention required to correctly install AV in auditoriums.

Experienced and
Licensed Electricians

The professional SEAA Solution team are experienced and licensed electricians who can tailor a package to your specific AV and media needs. We guarantee to listen to your needs and work together to come up with the perfect solution for your premises. We pride ourselves on reliability and great service. As such, you can be certain SEAA Solution will only provide the best quality AV equipment from reputable and trusted manufacturers. Do you have special electrical design requirements? That’s our area of expertise – those jobs that require a solution that other AV specialists have said can’t be done.


Asked Questions

Can I get notifications on my phone if there are security concerns at my home when I am not home?
Yes you can. We offer a customised solution some integrate from your intercom systems and others can be a through a notification in an app. There are many different ways this can happen and we create a bespoke solutions based on your existing infrastructure or whether you are installing new systems.
Can your security solutions help me monitor items in my yard and detect any missing items?
Yes we can do this by customising exterior zones that send notifications when entry is detected, or when an item goes missing in the zone.
How do I know how many down lights I will need?
This depends on the size of your home. Call us for a consultation and let us know what area you wish to transform with lighting.
How do I know if I need to upgrade my switchboard?
There are several considerations such as the age of the building and whether there is presence of asbestos. Contact us for a free consultation.