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Home automation is the way of the future and our tailored smart home integration packages allows you to experience the most innovative and cutting edge smart home convenience. You can customise your own smart home, with a range of smart features including:

* Fast response to voice activation
* Customised app and personalised interface and access for individual users
* Integration with Apple devices for easy access
* Programmed for home owners to have full control for ongoing adjustments
* Remote tracking, monitoring, and controlling your home from any location at any time

Include intercom access, smart lighting, sunlight tracking, power saving, light dimming, wake up lighting and security controls

Enjoy the best of smart home automation and future proof your home with our range of innovative solutions today.

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Our Smart Automation Services


SEAA Solution is a local leader when it comes to integrating fully automated systems within the home environment. You will have the ability to remotely monitor and control your smart home from your device, computer or remote.
Commercial Electrician


With a SEAA Solution complete building integration plan, you will conveniently provide your occupants with the latest innovative technologies at their fingertips. From motorised curtains and blinds to fully integrated remote smart features.


SEAA Solution is committed to providing all industrial warehouses and facilities with a streamlined automation solution that will improve your energy consumption, operating costs and utility life cycle at your facility through an innovative industrial integrated system.

SEAA SolutionSmart Packages

Our goal is to provide your home, commercial or industrial facility the best opportunity to reduce overall running costs, and at the same time provide innovative smart features where you offer the creature comforts from your home, right through to a more productive and creative work environment.

Our smart solutions include:

Design, Install & Program

Design, Install & Program

Centralised Heating Control

Integrated Lighting Console

Integrated Lighting Console

Curtain and Blind Motorisation

Curtain & Blind Motorisation

Smart Intercoms & Multi Room Audio

Security Camera Access Control

Security Camera Access Control

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Asked Questions

Can I get notifications on my phone if there are security concerns at my home when I am not home?
Yes you can. We offer a customised solution some integrate from your intercom systems and others can be a through a notification in an app. There are many different ways this can happen and we create a bespoke solutions based on your existing infrastructure or whether you are installing new systems.
Can your security solutions help me monitor items in my yard and detect any missing items?
Yes we can do this by customising exterior zones that send notifications when entry is detected, or when an item goes missing in the zone.
How do I know how many down lights I will need?
This depends on the size of your home. Call us for a consultation and let us know what area you wish to transform with lighting.
How do I know if I need to upgrade my switchboard?
There are several considerations such as the age of the building and whether there is presence of asbestos. Contact us for a free consultation.