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Get the most out of your space and future proof your environment with our range of specialist technological solutions customised to suit your requirements. SEAA is at the forefront of providing innovative solutions and is your One Stop Shop for all your electrical, data, networking, security, lighting and audiovisual needs.
Switchboard Upgrades

Switchboard Upgrades

We provide custom-built switch boards and upgrades to provide efficient powering and offer surge protection including ripple free devices that are integrated into your new switch board system. Our team is also trained in safe asbestos removal and replacement of new panels that meet the latest Australian Standard of AS3000.
Upgrade LEDs

Upgrade LEDs

LED is an innovative, highly energy efficient lighting alternative that can save you up to 90% in power than traditional, incandescent lighting. SEAA can provide and install a range of stylish and contemporary LED lighting options that are customised to meet the requirements and purposes of your home or office.
Extensions & Renovations

Extensions & Renovations

Need electricals for your new home, extra storey, extension, or renovation and not sure where to start? We talk with you to identify your needs and help you formulate an electrical infrastructure plan for the area. Our team takes care of the full process from consultation, planning, supply and installation.

Heating ideas

Want to stay warm this winter or need a heating solution for your commercial facility? We provide expert consultation on energy efficient heating; from floor to ceiling heating, heated towel rails, heated lamps in homes to commercial options including glass heating as well as outdoors/ alfresco heating for your restaurant.

Feature Lighting

If you’re looking for energy efficient LED lighting that makes a statement, our team can help! SEAA provide you with designer lighting to help you choose the right set up for the right areas. Feature lighting options include highlighted and accent lighting, under bench LED, as well as alcove LED.
Network Setup and Data Cabling

Network Setup and Data Cabling

SEAA are certified data cabling installers for NBN with over 6 years of experience in data centre fitouts. Get the most of your NBN with cabling adjusting to ensure a correct setup that maximises speed and efficiency. We can also help with data usage allocation and cabling infrastructure tidy up.

Solutions We Provide


SEAA has all your electrical needs covered with the most up-to-date technology and solutions for both residential and commercial. Make the most out of your space with feature lighting, designer lighting, or power saving LED lighting while incorporating the latest design trends to create a stylish and contemporary home or office environment. We supply and install only the latest products of the highest quality, using professional equipment combined with our skilful workmanship to ensure the best energy efficiency. We also help you to future proof your home and upgrade your office with professional cabling set up ready for home automation system integration or data communications.

Industries We Serve

Residential & Unit Blocks

From new homes to extensions and renovations, we can help you set up correct cabling, upgrading switchboards and panels, as well as energy efficient lighting.

Commercial, Factories, Warehouses, Industrial

We provide commercial and industrial electrical solutions including high power requirements, forklift charger, high ceiling lighting, data cabling, network extensions and high bay industrial lighting.

New Unit Developments

SEAA is your one-stop-shop for new developments taking care of all power requirements including intercom systems, access control, feeds, lighting, to power points and appliances.

Office and Retail

Get your office operating efficiently with our professional data centre set up, patch panels, IT infrastructure layout, and smart cabling installation to ensure maximum performance.


Asked Questions

Can I get notifications on my phone if there are security concerns at my home when I am not home?
Yes you can. We offer a customised solution some integrate from your intercom systems and others can be a through a notification in an app. There are many different ways this can happen and we create a bespoke solutions based on your existing infrastructure or whether you are installing new systems.
Can your security solutions help me monitor items in my yard and detect any missing items?
Yes we can do this by customising exterior zones that send notifications when entry is detected, or when an item goes missing in the zone.
How do I know how many down lights I will need?
This depends on the size of your home. Call us for a consultation and let us know what area you wish to transform with lighting.
How do I know if I need to upgrade my switchboard?
There are several considerations such as the age of the building and whether there is presence of asbestos. Contact us for a free consultation.