Sub Floor Ventilation to Prevent Mould Build Up

Sub Floor Ventilation to Prevent Mould Build Up

Did you know, that many homes have an area directly underneath the floors where mould, mildew and moisture can build up?

If you and your family have been experiencing respiratory symptoms from musty smells, while noticing excessive indoor moisture, warped or sunken floors, or even termite issues, then you may need to look into an underfloor ventilation system.

Subfloor ventilation planning

To ensure the optimal outcome, it is important to plan and calculate the required number of air changes and underfloor fans to sufficiently prevent mildew and moisture build-up. We can consult with you during a construction or renovation project and also help you with electrical needs in other parts of your new home, or we can also assess your current floors and retrofit the fans appropriate to your home structure.

Installation of subfloor ventilation

After examining your underfloor moisture situation and determining the ventilation requirements, underfloor fans can be installed to remedy the issue. This should only be carried out by professional electricians, as the conditions beneath the home can be challenging, with possible dangers and tight spaces to navigate. Improper installation can also cause potentially serious damage, harm or injury, affecting the electrical system of the entire home. 

Maintenance of your subfloor fans

Once the ventilation system is properly installed and running underneath your floors, you should notice a significant difference in the air quality of your home. However, it is not a ‘set and forgets’ job. Similar to your car, it should be serviced and maintained regularly. Again, this should not be a DIY job and should only be performed by licensed electricians who are trained in this field. Scheduled maintenance is important to ensure the ventilation system is running smoothly for continuous protection of your family from moisture and mould problems, as well as keeping the system in top shape to optimise durability and energy efficiency.

Let SEAA Solutions take care of your home

SEAA Solutions team of highly skilled electricians can perform all areas of electrical work for full residential needs, including difficult jobs such as underfloor ventilation fan installation. Rest assured that our team can carry out installations with accuracy and efficiency while ensuring the safety of workers as well as your homes electrical system. 

From energy-saving to home automation, we can help you get the best out of your space. Our services also include security system installations, audiovisual equipment setup, smart home integration, network and data cabling, heating and cooling, as well as switchboard upgrades. 

We are your one-stop shop for all things electrical, with a dedicated and passionate team providing you with customised electrical solutions that maximise the potential of your property.

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