The Best Keyless Access Control For Smart Homes

Keyless access control is one of the most useful aspects of smart home automation in Sydney. It is becoming increasingly popular, owing to the increased security that it offers as well as the convenience and additional features it affords. Features Of The Best Smart Locks There are many types of smart locks available on the market, but the best ones have a few standout features. 1. Voice Activation Being able to lock or unlock your doors with a mere voice command adds a layer of convenience once relegated to science-fiction movies. This useful feature negates not only the need for keys but also the need to fumble with your phone when trying to get in. Simply speak the appropriate command when in range and provide the verbal password or code to gain access ‒ just make sure no one can hear you. 2. Geofencing Geofencing gives you peace of mind whenever you leave the house and provides a level of convenience whenever you return. As long as you have your phone with you, your smart lock will know whether you’re coming or going and will respond accordingly ‒ locking when you leave and unlocking when you return. You’ll never have to worry again about forgetting to lock up. 3. Auto-Locking Auto Locking is similar to geofencing, except that it doesn’t depend on your location but rather on timing. Depending on how you set it up, the smart lock will lock the door after a certain amount of time. It can also be set to be locked or unlocked according to a predefined schedule, which is very useful if you have a very structured routine. \ The Benefits Of A Smart Door Lock Smart door locks offer many benefits. The most obvious benefit is that you no longer have to fiddle with keys when entering or exiting the house. No more will you struggle with finding the right key on your keyring in the dark or have hassles with locks that jam or keys that break in the lock. Additionally, smart door locks come with various additional features, such as access tracking, which allows you to see who entered or exited the house and when. Moreover, remote access control is also possible, allowing you to lock or unlock the house in emergencies when you’re not even there. You can also be notified if the lock is accessed so that your house can never be accessed without you knowing about it. Make your home smarter with SEAA Solution’s access control solutions today. For the best smart home automation service in Sydney, get in touch to request an obligation-free quote with our team.